How to install the Chrome Vue Devtools.

3. How To Install The Chrome Vue Devtools On Your Computer

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This tutorial is part of a four-part series. Using this series, you will learn how to set up Vue development tools on your computer. If you would like to see the other tutorials in this series, please use the links below.

Why do I need Chrome Vue Devtools?

While these dev tools are not an absolute necessity, you will find them invaluable in helping you troubleshoot and diagnose your Vue.js apps. For this reason, if you want to use modern development tooling while coding with the Vue.js framework, we strongly recommend installing these dev tools.

What is the Chrome Vue Devtools?

When you develop in JavaScript, you no doubt use console.logs to debug your apps. Vue has created a dedicated plugin that can help you keep track of everything going on under-the-hood. While it doesn’t replace your logs, you will find that it informs you about your Vue application’s state, events, and other useful stats.

How do I install the Chrome Vue Devtools?

Here is a YouTube video showing the instructions.

Where can I find the Chrome Vue Devtools install button?

You can head on over to the Chrome Web Store to install the tools.

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