About “Pro-How” Tech Training

What is "Pro-How?"

Pro-How is a tech skills training and education service for business professionals. We offer free and paid courses, online tutorials, and schedule meetups.  The educational offering is designed to help people command their technology and leverage it for their businesses and careers.

How Do "Pro-How" Education Events Work?

Courses: Our courses are usually structured as hands-on training workshops. A small group of 4-10 participants benefit from the more intimate session with the trainer. Getting personal attention with an experienced professional helps each person get more value out of the course.

Online Tutorials: We offer both free and paid online video tutorials series. A monthly subscription will grant access to the premium content.

Meetups: Our meetups are free events focused on developing skills in specific application frameworks.


About RdyToGo

RdyToGo is a web design, branding and marketing agency with design studios in Myrtle Beach, SC and Jacksonville, FL. Since our founding in 2010 technology skills training has played a core role in our service offering.



Our Instructors

Kevin Young

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